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3D Artist Trainee/Internship 



Employment Type


Job Description

The 3D Artist Internship is a hands-on training program for new artists or those looking to switch from a different specialization to 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation. This internship is the best chance for an aspiring 3D artist to explore the various aspects and disciplines of today's dynamic field.

This position is intended as a learning experience. We have an ambitious, creative and talented team of 3D artists and want to train the next generation of artists.

Your role will be to learn the skills of 3D art and the basics of 3D modeling for video games, Simulation and movies. You will work on both cinematic and in-game assets.

Those who successfully complete the internship will have a portfolio of real-world experience that can be used in their resumes as they apply for full-time positions at studios in the game industry.

What You’ll Do

  1. Create 3D assets based on reference materials and creative direction from a supervisor/lead artist

  2. Implement a wide range of materials, textures and shaders using Unity

  3. Optimize assets by reducing polygon count and scene file size

  4. Integrate the generated content into Unity or Unreal/4/5 engine games

Who You Are

  1. Basic 3D Modeling, UV unwrapping and texturing skills.

  2. Ability to optimize assets as well as cleaning up 3D Scans for next gen game engine.

  3. Understanding of PBR workflows and photogrammetry pipelines.

  4. Team player and efficient communication skills.

  5. A portfolio demonstrating your 3D environment assets and props creation skills.

  6. Interest in tech, film, video games and entertainment industry.

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