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Creating a Winning 3D Art Outsourcing Partnership: The Keys to Successful Collaboration.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Outsourcing 3D art can be a great and cost-effective way for creative agencies to scale their growth, but it's not without its challenges. To make sure the process is smooth, there are key considerations that need to be made on both ends of the project.

In this article, we will take a look at the list of keys for successful 3D art outsourcing collaboration and offer insight into how they can be implemented into the workflow. We will discuss different strategies that must be used when working with external 3D art vendors in order to create a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. By following these keys, companies can ensure successful collaborations with the 3D art vendors' teams.


Clear and effective communication is critical for any type of outsourcing collaboration's success. It is important for the client to be clear about what is needed and for the 3D outsourcing vendors to maintain frequent and open communication. Clear and timely communication enables both teams to make decisions quickly and effectively, making their work more efficient.


The 3D art vendor should communicate in a clear and transparent way his strengths, skillsets, and availabilities to the client company before the outsourcing process begins. Both parties should be transparent about their expectations upfront.

The 3D art vendor understands the client's business needs:

It's necessary for the 3D art outsourcing company to have a clear understanding of what will be provided in terms of art style and what materials, technologies, and pipeline will be used for this project. The 3D art outsourcing company also needs to have an understanding of the project's technical and economic requirements, scope of work, and time frame.

When the 3D outsourcing vendor understands the needs of the client's business and makes them a top priority, collaboration is easier.

The parties should have clear jurisdiction over the work that needs to be done:

The parties should have clear jurisdiction about the length of time for which the project will be completed, the exact scope of work and deliverables, the payment schedule and milestones, warranty provisions, intellectual property protection provisions, and other terms of agreement.

Hire an 3D art outsourcing manager:

Ideally, there should be a 3D outsourcing manager for every project to oversee the 3D outsourcing tasks and resolve any issues quickly. Each party should invest in good management practices and communication, as that is how you can keep track of progress and meet deadlines.


The success of any outsourcing collaboration is contingent on the strengths and skillsets of the 3D art outsourcing company and the needs of the client company being clear and explicit, the expectations for quality and speed being well-defined, and the process being supported by a robust team of managers.

Successful 3D art outsourcing collaboration requires both sides to recognize that the relationship is a partnership.

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