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Naming our company Grid Paper Studio.

Creating a name for a company is the first and most important step in the branding process.

Brand names often include a word or words from everyday language in order to create a connection with people as well as to make it easier for customers to find a brand.

Naming a brand can be difficult, but it is important to have the perfect name for your company to be successful.

Companies often go through naming processes before launching their product or service, from deciding on a domain name to going through alphabetical lists of words and names.

Some companies hire an in-house or external naming agency to do this task for them.

Some companies create focus groups and surveys before they choose a name. Others try different names out in the market with an eye on how well they perform against other names in their category or how well they are received by consumers.

Our strategy was to come up with potential names by using word association and brainstorming sessions.

Grid paper, grid lines, and squares paper were names that we thought catchy. precise, helpful, and most importantly, about shapes and angles, these aspects have an impact on making better art but before finding our name we did several research projects that led us to around 50+ potential names and a better understanding about what is a grid paper, name, history and purpose, this is what we found:

What is Grid Paper.

Grid paper is a ruled paper that is used as a drawing surface. It consists of heavy horizontal lines that are evenly spaced and intersecting vertical lines. Graph paper helps people to better understand shapes, angles, perspective, and other relationships between drawn shapes.

Grid paper, also known as coordinate paper, graph paper and squared paper are stationery items with grid lines drawn on them for graphing purposes. Projected coordinates are marked at regular intervals in equally spaced columns both vertical and horizontal, making the grid adhere to strict y = mx + b format of linear equations.

Grid paper is used because it takes much less time doing calculations on a graphical representation of a graph than using an algebraic one. It readily handles problems involving arrays and interacting multiple variables, while still keeping all the related information visible at the same time.

Different name.


grid lines

paper background


printable graph


paper texture

paper printable

paper vector

squares paper

square grid paper

template print graph

squared paper grid pattern


graph papers

Graph Paper

grid paper printable

grid paper printable pdf

grid paper a4 printable

make your own grid paper

graph paper online

dot grid paper pdf

graph paper notebook

graph paper creator


Cross Grid Paper

Triangle Dots Paper

Boxes Graph Paper

Dots Graph Paper

Hexagonal Dot Paper

Light Verticals Graph Paper

Dots and Lines Graph Paper

Isometric Dots Graph Paper

Simple Grid Graph Paper

Plain Graph Paper

Circular Square Hybrid Graph Paper

Circular Square Hybrid Graph Paper

Grid-Lined Graph Paper

Axonometric Graph Paper

Inverted Graph Paper

Inverted Graph Paper

Multi-Width Graph Paper

Multi Color Graph Paper


Simple Asymmetric Graph Paper

Asymmetric Graph Paper

Octagon Graph Paper

Triangle Graph Paper


Variable Triangle Graph Paper

Hexagonal Graph Paper

Brick Graph Paper

Diamond Rhombus Graph Paper

Circles Graph Paper

Circles Graph Paper

Circles (Grid) Graph Paper

Moorish Graph Paper

174 Graph Paper

Engineer Graph Paper

Polar Graph Paper

Accounting Ledger Paper

Logarithmic Graph Paper

Spider Graph Paper


Graph paper

coordinate paper

grid paper

quared paper


Quad paper

quadrille paper

Dot grid paper

Final choice: Grid Paper Studio.

Short and easy to pronounce, Memorable but not too common, Unique enough so that people won’t confuse it with other companies in the same field and most importantly, about shapes, angles and perspective, which are key aspects to mastering art.

About Grid Paper Studio.

Want to learn about Grid Paper Studio 3D art capabilities? check out our portfolio or contact us now!

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