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The Daily Tasks of a 3D Art Outsourcing Manager: Insights into Streamlining the 3D Art Outsourcing

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The 3D art outsourcing manager fulfills the duty of managing the external 3D art vendors' workload and deliverables. in order to meet deadlines, maintain expectations, and ensure goals are delivered on time and within budget with the project's technical and aesthetic requirements.

In this article, we will dive deeper and analyze these key tasks, provide insights into how to streamline the 3D art outsourcing process, manage 3D art external vendors, and ensure effective technical and aesthetic quality control.

Managing 3D Art external vendor workload, deliverables, and integration

One of the key duties of a 3D art outsourcing manager is to monitor and supervise the 3D art vendors by providing feedback where needed, monitoring the project tasks, and tracking the internal art director's feedback to the vendors to ensure on-time delivery quality in terms of accuracy or aesthetic.

To effectively streamline the 3D art outsourcing process, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the project's technical requirements, scope, deadlines, goals, and budget.

Providing training resources about the company's internal pipeline

Providing internal pipeline training for the 3D art vendors can help improve communication and unify knowledge across internal and external teams. The 3D art outsourcing manager can help communicate how the internal team technically operates, customizes, and works with the tools they use in their pipeline.


Communication is the major factor in managing an external 3D art outsourcing vendor’s workload. Back-and-forth communication can help track the status of deliverables, which is something that most clients of external 3D art companies are concerned about because they want to see their product completed on time.

Effective communication with the 3D art vendor is essential to ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Conduct interviews with potential vendors

The 3D art outsourcing managers also have to conduct interviews with potential external 3D art vendors and collect information on every candidate they are considering employing; this can be a time-consuming process that involves significant cross-coordination with individuals at the company that make business collaboration and hiring decisions.

Ensure technical and aesthetic quality control by reviewing and approving 3D art assets

Reviewing all 3D art assets during the process of development is an essential task that a 3D art outsourcing manager may take on a daily basis to ensure that the vendor is up to the required standards, such as technical specifications and 3D art style, while providing detailed and constructive feedback on areas that are not properly functioning or need adjustment.

To ensure the 3D art assets' technical and aesthetic quality control, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the project's technical and art style requirements and to have a process in place for reviewing and approving the final 3D assets.


The 3D Art Outsourcing Manager position is still one of the most demanding positions in the art industry. The position requires a diverse skill set to be successful, such as strong time management skills, communication skills, analytical skills, an eye for detail, and creativity.

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