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The Different 3D Art Styles in Video Games: A Comprehensive Overview

Updated: Mar 26, 2023


Within the world of 3D art, there are many different art styles that artists can use when creating 3D art pieces for a creative project.

3d artists have an ease in making the video game appealing to different gamers' tastes in aesthetics; games with realistic 3d art are appealing to gamers who are fine with more details and realistic games. Cartoon 3d art often looks more child-friendly. and Japanese anime 3d art style is considered one of the most influential forms of Japanese visual entertainment with millions of fans around the world. Low Poly, Cel-Shaded, Isometric, and Voxel are among the most common 3D art styles in the video game industry.

In this article, we will discuss these forms of 3D Art Styles.

Japanese anime 3D art style

In Japan, anime art is a popular form of creation that has become an integral part of Japanese culture. Anime, which is the Japanese word for animation, started to be used in the English language in the late 1980s. Since then, anime has expanded across the world and has become one of the most influential forms of Japanese visual entertainment.

The modern style was born from manga comic books, in which only drawings were used to convey the story in sequential order with speech bubbles.

Video game companies are getting more and more interested in this style of art and exploring it in a 3D version to emulate the look of Japanese anime and manga. It's a very real possibility that we will see a lot of 3D animation graphics and video games with this kind of anime art style.

Realistic 3D art

Realistic 3D art is a branch of digital art that involves the creation of photo-realistic imagery and animations in 3D. This style aims to mimic reality as closely as possible, using high-quality textures and detailed models to create a sense of realism. This style is often used in games that aim for a realistic setting, such as military simulations or sports games.

The advancement of technology has enabled 3D artists and digital companies to create more realistic 3D models and images with more details. This way, 3D artists will be able to produce video game content that is nearly indistinguishable from reality.

A realistic 3D model is created using a combination of software and modeling techniques. A number of different software programs are used to create a realistic model,

There are many methods of creating 3D realistic art, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages like storage requirements, rendering speed, or processing power.

Cartoon 3D art style

Cartoon 3D art is a three-dimensional style with an emphasis on imperfections and hand-drawn textures. This style arose as an effort to emulate realism in an unnatural space. The artist's hand is clearly visible in this type of work, and sketches are often used for detail lines. These techniques help create a sense of depth and texture, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional two-dimensional illustrations that are less detailed and less expressive in their brush strokes.

This style uses exaggerated, simplified, and stylized shapes and colors to create a more whimsical and cartoon-like look. This style is often used in games aimed at younger audiences or games that want to convey a more lighthearted and playful tone.

Low Poly

The style of art known as "low poly" is the process of using a limited number of polygons to create simple and stylized shapes; this particular style has become quite popular with game developers, designers, and artists alike due to its simplicity and minimalistic approach.


This style requires a large amount of time and hard work using shading techniques that mimic the look of traditional art. This style is often used to create a more stylized and animated look in games that want to convey a more cartoon-like or comic book-like aesthetic.

The cel-shaded style is frequently used to exaggerate or distort reality in order to entertain and amuse.


An isometric perspective is a type of projection used in art and the design of buildings and other large objects. It creates a 3D effect drawn at a 45-degree angle to give you the illusion it's 2D. This style is often used in video games that want to convey a more strategic or tactical feel or in games that involve a lot of building or management.


The voxel style is often used to create a more pixelated and retro look. It's often used in games that want to use a low-polygon or blocky visual style as well as video games that are set in the 70s or 80s. This can be achieved through a texture or through shader effects, which will reduce the sharpness of your model's edges while making it appear blocky.


This style is also called abstraction, abstract art, or non-objective art. This style can produce an emotional or intellectual response without being representational.

As a 3D art style, this one uses non-representational shapes, lines, and colors to create a more expressive and non-literal look.


Surrealism is one of the most popular styles in 3D art. Artists use surrealism to create a dreamlike or otherworldly look.


Stylized is a style of art that has been popular for many years. This style can be seen in anything from 3D animation to video games and much more. Stylized is often used when 3D artists want to convey a certain mood or emotion in a playful tone.

This style uses exaggerated or stylized shapes, colors, and textures to create a more unique and artistic look. It is often used in 3D art that wants to convey a specific mood or atmosphere or create a more distinctive and memorable visual style.


As the video game and 3D animation industries grow, new and exciting styles of 3D Art have emerged. There are many different types of game art that each convey a certain mood or emotion.

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